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Reason #237584 I love January Jones: She occasionally looks like an insane person, yes, but she is never, ever boring on the red carpet.

Reason #237584 I love January Jones: She occasionally looks like an insane person, yes, but she is never, ever boring on the red carpet.

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eightiesdraper: Thanks for the vote of confidence, friend.


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eightiesdraper: Accept no substitute, come see my page for the original 80s Draper.
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Anonymous: Do you have a gif of Peggy hitting her head on her desk in Season 4's The Rejected?

i’m sure we have it in our archives somewhere, but there’s one here too.

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rubbersoul4163: Okay, I hear the argument that S5 and S6 are less subtle. And I WOULD agree with this, except I don't think this show has EVER been subtle. Some of those S1 metaphors were about as subtle as a trainwreck! This show is brilliant, but it's never been that subtle...
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No time for being subtle 

I think there is much potential from this last episode with Roger’s acid friend being a sign post for redemption, but we all know how that ends.

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Anonymous: This isn't a story about becoming the better man. This is the story of a man who has to make difficult choices, like an actual human being. We are flawed in nature and Don is proof of that. The title sequence shows a man falling amidst his work. Don's end is not going to be a happy one. It's not that Matt's ran out of ideas, it's that he's showing specks of light amidst a black sky. Just like reality.
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noahhateseverything: As someone who's watched MM as it airs since S1, the last few episodes haven't disappointing because they're "boring." They're disappointing because, much like S5, they lack the subtlety and direction of the earlier seasons. I feel like we're getting to the point where Matt Weiner will end every episode with a shot of himself looking directly into the camera explaining the ~deep metaphors~ we just witnessed. It's still one of the best shows on TV of course! I think the stride was hit with S4.
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Anonymous: ...or maybe there are a few people who have been watching since season 1 and the fact that after six years Don NEVER evolves or learns has become a tad tedious? If Matt is out of ideas for Don, he could at least spread the goods! Mad Men with more Joan or Peggy would be even better!
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rubbersoul4163: The backlash among some people on Season 6 of Mad Men (and many of the critiques) are a prime reason that I really hate when good shows become more "popular" (relatively speaking). If you think that last weeks episode of Mad Men was "bad" or "boring," you probably are not the shows target audience. Mad Men has not gotten "worse," there are just a lot of people that watch it now because it's trendy, rather than because they actually like. All I have to say is--It's you, it's not me. Seriously.
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I kept trying to submit it as a photo but it wouldn’t work, so I found it already uploaded somewhere through google images - I’m not sure who originally made it, though :/

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In defense of Season 6 and Mad Men in general… or something 

I feel like I’ve grown up with this show. I was a 16 year old when Mad Men premiered on AMC in the summer of 2007. I have never missed an episode. Ever. I’ve seen each episode of the past 5 seasons at least a dozen times. Hell, “The Suitcase” alone obliterates the very best episode of {insert show here ;)}. I used to watch shows like Dexter and Boardwalk Empire religiously (one of which [Dexter] I still watch on and off) but nowadays I’m far from what you’d call a “television” type of person (my favorites are long gone)… mostly because, well, you know… most new shows (and some old ones that are still on [life support! I’m lookin’ at you Parks and Rec]) suck @$$.

Not to get too far off track here, but shows like Homeland, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones just make me wonder “Am I just too stupid or too smart to enjoy this?” and “How the hell do these other shows have more viewers than this already CLASSIC”? I don’t “still watch” Mad Men like it’s some kind of a chore or something, I watch because I love love love shows that actually require you to pay attention and use your head. I love shows with truly complex characters where this week you might hate one of ‘em (or maybe a majority of ‘em for doing or saying something really awful) so much that you wish they’d get punched in the face *cough* Pete *cough* but then the next week you’re conflicted as hell and you sorta kinda love ‘em again but not really. Ughhhh. The only shows still running that can suck you in like that and demand your time are Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Also, Louie and Curb are pretty awesome, but in the drama department theres only BB and MM.

I mean, Christ.

If you have the attention span of a toddler… this show is not for you.

If you get easily offended… this show is not for you.

If you don’t adjust well to change… this show is not for you. Also, neither is growing up or life in general.

Mad Men is evolving beautifully… and even if it ever does go sour… I WILL GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP!!! I will be on team Weiner until the bitter end  THE. BITTER. END. I TELL YOU! >:(


/drunk rant over


(mod note: THIS IS SO CUTE. remember to sleep by a bottle of water.)

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waxlions: I absolutely would love a screencap of Peggy in 'Dark Shadows' where she says 'I don't care' with that subtitle included? She's sitting & has a yellow turtleneck on. Have found the gif but id really like the grab of it. Thanks

can anyone help with this? if not i’ll find my dvds!

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