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With the use of The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows in the last episode (pretty much MM2’s favourite Beatles song from her favourite Beatles record), it made me wonder, if copyright wasn’t an issue, what songs from the 60’s would you guys love to hear on the show? 

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  1. valadilenne answered: "Along Comes Mary," "Dedicated Follower of Fashion," "Soulful Strut" "
  2. lovelyrita782 answered: They’ve fulfilled my musical needs with the Beatles!
  3. curtisedwingreen answered: Definitely some Velvet Underground
  4. lonepilgrim answered: All along the Watchtower
  5. winterer answered: That’s life by Frank Sinatra
  6. constanttalking answered: The Doors. Jefferson Airplane. Jimi Hendrix (These would all probably fit next season in ‘67)
  7. onionboolius answered: "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke
  8. accountssomething answered: ALL BOB DYLAN ALL THE TIME
  9. wrongdecadebabe answered: Every Beatles song
  10. unpeudeciel answered: Too Much to Dream by The Electric Prunes
  11. youonlyliveonce92 answered: I heard it was in relation to the cost. The paid 250,000 for that one song alone.
  12. noahhateseverything answered: It recently hit me that What a Wonderful World was released in 67. Surely that will somehow be appropriate for season five or perhaps six.
  13. martag02 answered: People Are Strange by The Doors!
  14. the60stwist answered: The Isley Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Small Faces, The Who
  15. nixskits answered: Wear Your Love Like Heaven/Donovan, My Little Red Book/Love, Moonlight Drive/The Doors, Play With Fire/Rolling Stones & Spoonful (live)/Cream
  16. nonsensicallyrics answered: aside from almost every Beatles song? My Generation by the who could be cool, though potentially too on point
  17. carnivalesques answered: The Letter, The Box Tops.
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