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Would anyone be interested in a 30 Day Mad Men Meme/Challenge?

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  1. themanhasspoken answered: Hell’s yeah!
  2. pinkmagicwoman answered: Hell yes!!!!!!
  3. oodleday answered: absolutely I would
  4. onlyslightlyspooky answered: YES
  5. teachingtoday answered: yess
  6. katiemuhlady answered: yes!
  7. yournerdisshowing answered: Let’s do it!
  8. shallowseacouldyouseeme answered: yesss!!
  9. lydia-deetzz answered: yes.
  10. yoocheons answered: OF COURSE
  11. hellaxis answered: Yes!
  12. chri56r33n answered: Yes!
  13. fragilepicture answered: oh. i would be.
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