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Casting news for Struck by Lightning!


Casting news for Struck by Lightning!

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Opposites Jon Hamm and Paul Feig Team-Up For Comedy 

reator of “Freaks and Geeks”) was probably voted Most Likely To Write A TV Show About How Shitty High School Was For Nerds. However, as Paula Abdul and a cartoon cat instruct us: opposites attract.

On the set of the Feig directed Bridesmaids, he hit it off with Hamm. Now the two are working on some kinda top-secret-for-now project. Comedy nerds, start heaping tons of praise on this project right now. Speaking of “comedy nerds,” that’s how Feig described Hamm in a recent interview:

“[Hamm] is such a comedy nerd. He will quote lines from Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. You’re quoting something even I can’t quote! He’s always wanted to do comedy. One of the next things I’m developing a project for him to star in. I think he’s so funny. He’s like Cary Grant to me.”

It’s pretty awesome that Jon Hamm loves Brain Candy. If I was passing him on the street and said “cat on my head,” he might yell “cat on my head” back at me, rather than give me a freaked-out glare and walk in the other direction. I guess you can’t judge a nerdy book by it’s handsome cover. (Collider)

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